We are in times of crisis, not only economic crisis but in my opinion we also have to consider a crisis of values. Everybody is looking to reinvent themselves, in order to find new business opportunities…Businesses are desperately looking for new professional talent to help find new answers, develop solutions and actions which will permit the company to continue and to survive in today’s market.
After my experience in Inditex, many European and American companies often ask me the same question: What’s the big secret to Inditex? What’s their secret weapon? Believe me, they all expect complex answers, super sophisticated almost cybernetic strategies…My answer is always the same:
In Inditex, the client and the product are always the center of all company decisions. The primary aim of every single department from design, to management control, distribution and merchandising, labeling, human resources…etc… is to answer the client’s needs.
Functional and efficient teams cross-work naturally as a way to achieving this prime objective.
Inditex’s “ super strategy “ is based on on the most important rule in the retail industry: common sense: How well do you know your clients? Do you know which products they need you to sell them? Do you know in which shops and in which way they’d like you to make your products available?…etc…
Many businesses look to find complex strategies, signing on big consultants, huge marketing agencies in search of the lost ark, retail companies with covert financers who have not an inkling as to the product being offered… Ladies and Gentlemen, common sense, “ the accessory follows the principal ”…Concentrate on the principal, on the clients, on the product, in connecting the two and in speaking the same language. Don’t waste time and energy, the battle is long and they shoot to kill.