I am fully convinced that usually shopping at one of these stores: Zara, Mango, H & M, Stradivarius, Bershka, Sfera, Forever 21, Topshop, Urban outfitter …. or so-called Low Costs, ie Primark , Shana, Lefties, C & A or sections of textile hypermarkets …. etc …

Apart from that some brands do really better or worse than others (and obviously why sales do not lie like cotton), in general and in particular all provide essentially the same products, with the same colors or the same qualities (let’s be serious and no mistake), and almost the same prices on the same streets with the same music and very nearly if I hurry cousins brothers showcases each other ….. and the streets and corridors the malls are authentic battlefield with armies that have the same soldiers, equally prepared, with the same weapons and the same means …

What makes you win the battle the other?.

Clearly the differentiation strategy. One strategy that has to be filled with creativity, imagination and effectiveness. This strategy aims to create feelings or arguments, do not forget that silo and sell products, find customers seek sensations, experiences untreated, they want you to sell them a way of life, want to be happy with your product that invite us call us screaming into your store and buy.

This differentiation strategy has to permeate not only the product and above all (the mother of mothers), but also the shop, which has become a great theater where every day for your customers represent the function, passing all values brand who identify with your products. And so your audience, customers, identify with them ….. and be happy to have them …

But beware, you can not defraud or deceive. With your strategy you are making a promise to your customers. You’re telling them to come in, because you are different (which does not necessarily mean you’re better), you have something that others do not have, you have added value …… all say “We are a fashion chain and the term currently scare-a current value without competition. “Not all are fashionable and of course with an unbeatable value for money compared to you I? … Clothes … maybe some market ….. ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS, customers who have cheated and lied to you leave, and hardly regain his confidence.

When I speak of a differentiation strategy (and put it in capital letters), I mean precisely that, a differentiation strategy capitalized.

Once, in an interview looking for a senior designer, asked if he had ever bought in my store and I answered not, why? I never find anything. I dont understand your brand, not offer me fashion,its not the cheapest….imagined my desolation … by the way the hired) .

That is the question, you must not forget that we are in the generation of global information, customers are real specialists in your business, known trends, skills and best prices ….. you have to be able to respond with sincere objectivity to question of objective reasons .. What I offer to enter your business?.

It’s funny as formats like Apple and Hollister, which decided to implement its first stores near anything in the Xanadu shopping center (about 30 kilometers from Madrid) were absolutely convinced that their produced had such value that the distance would not be an obstacle for business …… that’s taking the bull by the horns and the rest is nothing.