Client is always right. That’s true now more than ever since he knows what he wants and where to find it, having even more information than you do. When we talk about globalization it might seem like something unconnected with us and yet, it is a concrete reality. Information, trends, events or even a personal reflection like this text are briefly available to everyone. This globally shared information provides all kinds of nuance that work as feedback and redefines new space-time rules in the way we share information.

Fashion and trends become popular after some click on the blogs and social networks. What used to take months to become popular in the pre-social networks era, can become widely known in a matter of days, hours or even “weddings” –see Kate Middleton dresses or Pippa’s wedge sandals-.

On the other hand, the fast-fashion businesses –just a few can actually be called like that- have prepared their collections with globalized tools and they present on their shop windows the same products, colours and almost same prize, replicating an atomization of the product as uniforms –maybe this is a secondary effect of globalization-.

On this context there is a big difference between being the first and the second one. The fashion product is perishable just like fish at the supermarket: the fresher it is, the higher demand it gets. Day by day price goes down because the product gets spoiled. Speed is therefore the key point, the winner (the one selling more) is the one who puts the latest trends on their shop windows. Being the first one also allows you to put a higher price than when the trend becomes globalized –even Primark- then an illogical price war will start in the quest for straggler clients.

Global consumers are more demanding than ever. They don’t forgive a single mistake, they know what they want, when they want it and the price they are willing to pay. It is a professional consumer with more information and less faithful than ever. The only way to foster loyalty is on the short-term, maybe just for the season, or even just for the next purchase. As long as you don’t disappoint him or your competition does it better or a better prices than you.

This global market demands being really good. It’s time for powerful messages that invite to enter and buy in an easy and clear way. Walls screaming “you want some bikinis? Here you can find them on every possible shape and color for only 9.95!” Shop windows and shop entrances are an authentic advertising strategy. We cannot allow ourselves to lose a single client. This is a hand to hand, client to client war.