I’m tired of hearing the word crisis all day long. We say things are going bad, we don’t have a penny, shops are closing every day, there’s no work, banks won’t lend money, etc. This is all true, the outlook is not promising, but this is never the less the result of previous events.
What are we doing to solve the situation? I don’t mean to lecture anybody but I honestly think that many times there is a great dose of conformity and apathy behind this crisis, people isn’t willing to do things right.
If we land on our retail field, the question is: who is suffering the crisis? It is not by chance the businesses with the worst product, positioning, message or simply those who aren’t doing anything to surprise. The ones who are left out of the generation hook of their clients – I won’t give names, you just need to visit any mall and realize that the shops with more public are the ones with the best product.
It is in times of depressed economy when we really need to do things better, because the market doesn’t forgive. The public compares and searchs more and it is precisely now that we need to reinvent ourselves.
It makes me happy to see brands, such as Burberry, turn into a reference this season after periods of decadence –and therefore lack of sales- or brands such as Blanco, which is improving more and more everyday and I’m amazed when I enter an Apple store –where crisis doesn’t exist- or when I see a Zara store –the ones with the best product and curiously the ones selling more-.
I believe those who don’t sell must rethink their business with a surgical sincerity. They need to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and reset to configure it again, they must copy the best ones and then, out of the blue, when things are done correctly, when the product is really good and the shop is appealing is when crisis fades away, and the clients begin to come in, curious.