Some weeks ago I saw Simon Sinek’s presentation How great leaders inspire action on It maily explained what great leaders have in common and it arrived to the conclusion that all of them focus on why things are the way they are instead on how or what they are.

Curiosity is something more than an adjective, even more than someone’s way. Curiosity is to read between the lines. Being curious is the best test to find out if you are alive –not only in a biological sense-. It is to ask to yourself about everything. It is to answer and to listen to yourself, to learn and know where and why you are there. It is to do things with a personal conviction.

In my case, curiosity allows me questioning myself daily on why I do one thing or another, why something isn’t working or works wonderfully, why a competitor is selling while I’m not, even why I am happy or not. Yet the most important thing is not only the questions but especially the answers, since they are the ones driving me forwards in a coherent and convinced way.

Curious are those who think a setback makes you go faster, curious are those who daily invent themselves, those who think they can move in their lives and business against the tide because they have enough power and inner strength in order to advance and get wherever and with whomever they want. So in all cases, be curious, because that’s what will keep you young for a lifetime.