It hardly snows in winter in Düsseldorf: climate change is in vogue.

It is not a theory, it is a reality not virtual. Summers end in November (for example) and winters end in May or June …. summer sales start in July, when summer has just begun and winter ones in January … just as winter begins …. and that is being in fashion.

But then let’s see who is the bravest in delaying the sales? For sure, bring them forward, every timer we all agree, given the amazing sales lately !!!.

If the new winter collections arrive in August, and the summer ones in January, what products do we have to send to stores in these months? Products of the season that theoretically is going to start, or products of the season that is ending, bought with the budget of the one just started? .. Even though it appears to be a tongue twister, it is not … in this case reality is stranger than fiction.

There is no doubt, those good and clever who have long been ready, like chameleons that change colour and warmth according to the change of the surrounding environment … but in many other cases, the reality is that visiting many shops along the high streets, I have observed that most of them started the winter season in August, and some went further with autumn products, and also middle of winter for tourists coming from northern latitudes ….. and many others with winter merchandise macerating like hanging hams. It should be added to all of the above, it does not snow in August …. and it is normal for winter sales to run in slow motion.

It is clear that we are in November with 30 degrees, in La Coruña the beaches are crowded and on the shelves there are no jumpers and winter coats yet.

Given this situation, one of the most significant consequences of climate change on fashion is that the time of the two seasons, namely summer and winter, are over. Now more than ever there are four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

We know that theory is simple, but the hardest part is putting it into action, but in my opinion this is the only way, at least in Europe, to manage collections, purchasing and especially the dreaded stock, which ruins the margins.

We have not yet begun (neither sold winter) and many have already almost finished their shopping for next summer (at least those of the long circuit) … and then we wonder why we are afraid of heights.

!! The cold and summer have already arrived !!.