It must be a model that returns us to basics, i.e. innovation, customer closeness, flexibility, speed, processing and orientation results. Our founders did.

Customers ( internal and external ), product, distribution and stores as in a company heart. Financial and IT as a supporting areas.

It must be a pull business model. In fashion this applies to a model that defines an initial offering and it will expand or decrease depending on the customer’s preferences.

This pull model is unitary. An everything, where product distribution and shops are the critical areas of business and all other areas are business support. This model does not support silos, as everything is customer aligned and oriented.

All processes and systems must implement and run the model. The systems are a suit tailored to fit the model, not the model systems.
It is a 100% determinant model where everything must be measurable in order to translate into a high commercial risk control and data enabling business decisions.

A model where everything is conceived and executed with good taste. Good taste exists objectively. Therefore, the “taste management” is core.

It´s not enough to use sustainable materials, it should be important to offer attractive and contemporary products, and with good taste.

Being a model based on rapid response according to customer preference, supply chain must be quick, agile, flexible and sustainable.

A model that must been created 100% sustainable, in 100% of the product as in the store and all materials that compose it.

This new model comes with an active transformative role in the fashion world and makes it show that it is possible to be sustainable and supportable, generating confidence to clients and at the same time meet customer preferences. We are a reliable and respectful fast fashion.

In this model, the multi-channel marketing campaigns have to be very strong using people who are influencers in the world. To transform you must influence, to influence you must make noise.

Innovation in marketing campaigns must be one of the main ingredients in the new brand communication.

It is essential to be the best existing reference in the fashion world, that a fashion business is possible and sustainable with the planet and society.

This model has to reinvent relationships with suppliers, from becoming collaborators to strategic partners transforming the fashion world.

It must be a model where innovation is essential. This model must have a permanent R & D (research and development) in contact with the best universities and private initiatives on sustainability around the world and that this mark is who shows up. We must become leaders again in innovation as the founders of the company used to be.

New fashion companies must be a innovation world leader, working across all best universities in the world looking for and developing new materials, fabrics and all elements in order to be more human and respectable with environment.

Innovate in new sustainable and recycled materials, new stores, new energy, new ways to communicate and diffuse experiences, multi-channel innovation, etc.

A model that comes from its multichannel genesis. This must involve a competitive advantage to other models that were born offline and evolved online (requires a minor number but larger size of stores where you can expose the entire supply, just as the online world).

This multichannel model must be 100% pull and innovative, always offering the latter as the “show now and buy now”. I think China is a clear reference of this vanguard.

A multichannel model that offers experience and a lifestyle product and not only where the supply on line and off line are a mirror of each other.

A team where key business areas such as: product, distribution and stores with professional and strong teams. This model will be possible with people, without them nothing is conceivable.

It is a model where the result is the brand, not the starting point. We want to democratize not only fashion, we want to go a step further, make fashion available for everyone,  a fashion using materials that do not harm health or the environment, and also that is manufactured in conditions of absolute respect for human beings .

It is a model that has to represent a style of respectful life to society and the planet, and around it we build a brand that offers an attractive, nice and modern product with a competitive price (maybe we have to implement the concept of “fair price” stepping transparency between cost of materials, labor payment and final price).

A model must be accessible and global. It must be able to be replicated in any country, applying the pull centralized business model at all.

A store that reflects 100% of the lifestyle that the brand represents and that offers experiences above all as first impact and results in sales as a second effect.

A store made from 100% sustainable materials and using renewable energies.

A mark to be directed to the whole family and the general public. Not a niche brand.

A mark that is able to encourage the gathering of used clothing for recycling and to transform it to its supply chain.

On the other hand it must be a brand with responsibility for cleaning up the planet and especially the seas, recycling leftover that can be reincorporated into the supply chain.

A brand that supports initiatives around the globe in terms of sustainability and recycling offering the brand as a platform of collaboration.

A mark that goes step ahead in wearable innovation in both its technological and its medical application (clothing with health properties).

A funny and positive mark. We need to be a force for good and transmit positivity and optimist about world future its key.

Must be as a trust brand for all differs generation.

Must be as the best place for work as the best reference in the world about how do sustentable, healthy and human business.