In many fashion companies there is an obsession, both in the moment of birth such as startup, as in processes of transformation or turn-around in finding the philosopher’s stone, the holy grail, that thing that makes you really unique and different to everything and everyone, that thing making you unique will make you really sell: the so-called “unique value proposition”.

To be able to find it is incredible and the chosen ones that have discovered them are geniuses (besides being very rich).

But common mortals like you and me have to transpire a lot more and maybe look for other unique opportunities that, in my opinion, are equally important.

Let me tell you an anecdote on one side of my purchase of potatoes on amazon and on the other of my online purchase in a luxury company for children’s clothing.

When the potatoes arrived in a box from my dear Galicia, it came with a note. On that note it mentioned my wife’s Galician surname and the origin of the potatoes, thanking her for the purchase.. wow… what a fun surprise with an included nostalgia message… I thought, how can you surprise anyone selling Galician potatoes?…..!!, So clever and such healthy envy!!, that makes buying some simple potatoes unique.

The other side of this anecdote is the online purchase from a luxury children’s clothing company and my unpleasant disappointment of receiving a boring box with boring packaging and a wonderful invoice in an envelope no more … .a unique customer experience but maybe the last.

I don’t think it is necessary to reinvent the wheel, you have to take care of those small details that make you or will make you unique and that with persistence and perseverance to do things every day, will lead you to create a magical shopping experience in your business that you will make you unique.

The personalized product, the perfume, the paper, the box, the card, knowing your customers with a powerful CRM, putting love into it and transmitting it to your client … that is (unfortunately) unique.

These short distances with the client are a powerful weapon for the startups in front of the giants who by their height already “listen to” the customer and hardly see them lost in the immensity of their figures …but watch out for the giant Amazon, that joins with the small businesses to get close to them.

So the first unique value proposition of your company is YOU.